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Julia deVille
is In Wild Air

Arriving in Australia from New Zealand on the cusp of adulthood, Julia deVille trained as a jeweller and learned further crafting skills studying shoe design before her long hunt for a taxidermy mentorship was successful. Driven by a strong commitment to animal rights, deVille’s sculptural assemblages belie the heroic, trophy-hunting culture associated with mounting dead animals. In a form of gentle protest she combines precious gems and metals with antique ‘ready-mades’ to challenge our disregard for and consumption of both wild and domesticated fauna.

Drawing on Renaissance, Baroque and Victorian art and ideas, deVille creates contemporary memento mori that raise our curiosity through the use of paradoxical processes and materials. While all deVille’s creatures have died a natural death, they live on as beautiful and compelling allegories, begging a reflection on our symbiotic but decidedly unequal relationship with the animal world and our cavalier disregard for mortality in general.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This movie has been my favourite since I was far too young to be watching such things. It has always resonated deeply with me for some reason and I have seen it live about four times now. Not to mention I've performed The Time Warp several times throughout my life in roller skating competitions and school performances (as a kid)… Sadly the opportunity doesn’t come up so often these days!


Nick Cave

The song Rings of Saturn is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard or experienced. It made my legs buckle the first time I heard it and I felt an emotion that I don’t have a word for.


Local Markets

My favourites are The Collingwood Children's Farm and Abbotsford Farmer's Market. I religiously attend these gorgeous markets every fortnight. The best produce from the most delightful growers.


The Knick

The Knick is a TV series based on the pioneers of surgery in the early 20th Century. Beautiful set and costume design supporting incredible writing and acting. My favourite show of all time.


Simhanda Yoga

Simhanda is the best yoga school in the universe with the most wonderful life changing teachers. I love this place and spend 6 mornings a week here!


North St. Botanical

My floral collaboratorsMy studio and showroom is full of their floral alchemy.