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Caitlin Shearer
is In Wild Air



I've never seen such a gloriously aestheticised film - all costume, set and hairstyle hues range from beige to brown to white and are so elegant in their sparsity. Think thick cut marble tables, ceramic vases placed atop slim legged hallway furniture, vast white rooms with windows facing a grey ocean. Unisex garments and wire rimmed glasses - on women facing emotional baggage that is so pert and ready to spill over - to contaminate all of this serene perfection.

I wouldn't recommend watching the film if you've got any sort of Mummy issues - but if you're in for a sombre night with a white wine in hand, this is a good film to feast upon.


Lucy Roleff

This Paradise is an EP by a very magical young lady I have the pleasure of knowing - she's a sublime illustrator also, and can wield the harp like an angel from above.

Lucy's blend of modern folk music gets right to my heart - upon seeing her play live I cried - not once, but twice, a rare occurrence in my life! I henceforth snagged a vinyl from the merch desk and listened to it every night before bed for 2 months straight. Lucy's music is honest, and comes from a place of true inner recognition and awareness. Self as muse and emotional accountability - two themes which resonate with me and which I see run through Lucy's catalogue. Her tunes are softly jubilant and ripe and verdant!


Overhanging Roses

Thank goodness for all of the gardeners in Moonee Ponds and Brunswick and their decisions to plant rosebushes in basically every single front garden of each suburb. My bus ride to the studio is enjoyable because of the mere fact that I can do 'rose spotting' - keeping a keen eye on those pops of colour cheer me up beyond belief. Since moving from a very special rose studded garden in the Blue Mountains there is now a distinct lack of flora in my life, so this brings me back to earth when all I see before me is concrete and cityscapes.

Roses are very special to me - they unfurl slowly, bloom for a short time and then drop away with no hesitation. Precious in their velvet splendour, they are to be enjoyed but for a brief moment. I also love their typical connections to romance and nostalgia, and am still waiting for a handsome man to bring me one, someday!

Aphids are another story, but I must admit that i get quite a kick out of squashing them between my fingers.


Brazilian Edelweiss

My friend Bayden of Plant By Packwood recently gifted me a Brazilian Edelweiss - a strange plant which I had never come across before.

This plant features an unusual bulbous base with a long stem, four floppy velvet leaves, and a spray of bell like flowers. It's leaves are silkier than a kitten's ear - so if you're a tactile being or into plant therapy then I highly suggest getting your mits (literally) on one of these babies. Nature knows how to treat!



Kissing delivers endorphins, did you know? I'm so obsessed with kissing at the moment and want to quit my job to become a full-time Kisser. Kissing Booth? Anyone?

Web MD also tells me that Kissing can boost your immunity, and can even be a form of meditation if you really get into it. There's a cheeky tidbit for ya!

Kiss your mum on the cheek or your lover on the lips ~ it's up to you.


White Linen

For some reason I am obsessed with wearing white linen - must be a summer heat thing - luxe, wrinkly, breezy, smart - everything all at once. crinkly, crumply, refreshing and simple.