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Volume VI

Mark Dion
Patricia Piccinini
Sukhdev Sandhu
Ariana Delawari
Adrian Shaughnessy
Aaron Beebe
Zoe Beloff
Jon Wozencroft
Allison C. Meier
Chiara Ambrosio
Mark O. Pilkington
Gia M. Hamilton

Volume V

John Baldessari
Colin Spoelman
Dana Sherwood
Kevin Allison
Robin Rimbaud
John Coulthart
Bruce Lee Webb
Shary Boyle
Isidro Ferrer
Andrzej Klimowski
Jonny Trunk
Tessa Farmer

Volume VI

Pam Grossman
Jessica Grindstaff
Herbert Pföstl
Chris Hatherill
Shannon Mattern
Adam Scovell
Crystal Lee
Dom Bridges
Rebecca Onion
Ferris Jabr
Geoff Manaugh
Taylor Deupree

Volume III

Jack Marx
Alice Gorman
Dan MacKinlay
Cat Jones
Ross Gibson
Kyoko Imazu
Tamara Dean
John Warwicker
Elise Pioch
Guy Keulemans
Rowena Foong
Robert Curgenven

Volume II

A Ghost
Tim Low
Dale Hardiman
Lisa Cooper
Vanessa Berry
Fred Fowler
Georgina Reid
Sibella Court
Cameron Webb
Cat Rabbit
Seb Chan
India Flint

Volume I

Wade Jeffree
Penny Modra
Peachey & Mosig
Kate Jinx
Laurence Pike
Julia DeVille
Caitlin Shearer
Benjamin Law
Ingrid Weir
Paul Marcus Fuog
Nic Dowse
Erika Watson


In Wild Air was a weekly newsletter, edited and published by Heath Killen.

Each edition featured six interesting things selected by an interesting guest. Each guest was asked to make a selection from the categories Culture, People, Places, Things, Thoughts, and Wildism (which was a free category). 

In total 72 guests were invited, and they included artists, writers, scientists, ecologists, musicians, and historians. 

Editions were delivered to subscribers on Monday mornings from late 2016 — early 2018. They were divided up into six loosely connected volumes. The first three volumes featured Australian only guests. The final three volumes featured guests from around the world.